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Accommodation prices

During the season we have three different price periods.
Winter: 1th of december-26th of december.
Spring/winter: 27th of february- 31th of april with an exception for Easter.
Easter: 18th of april-21th of april.
We reserve ourselves for possible misprints.
Bo i backen 1:1 & 1:2, The Bear Cabin
Weekend 4015 kr4835 kr6275 kr
Per night Sun-Thur, Extra night 1340 kr1545 kr2015 kr
Per night Fri -Sun 2810 kr3385 kr
Week 7405 kr8505 kr
New Years eve 4000 kr
Bo i backen 1:3 – 1:5
Weekend2695 kr3245 kr4210 kr
Per night Sun-Thur, Extra night 895 kr1040 kr1340 kr
Per night Fri -Sun 1870 kr2260 kr
Week 4945 kr5965 kr
New Years eve 2695 kr
Bo i backen 2:2
Weekend 3150 kr4345 kr5420 kr
Per night Sun-Thur, Extra night 1050 kr1215 kr1800 kr
Per night Fri -Sun2195 kr2650 kr
Week 5400 kr9150 kr
New Years eve3625 kr
Bo i backen 2:3 – 2:4
Weekend2615 kr4150 kr4290 kr
Per night Sun-Thur, Extra night870 kr1010 kr1365 kr
Per night Fri -Sun1815 kr2195 kr
Week3965 kr6200 kr
New Years eve2745 kr
307 & 309
Weekend 3245 kr3895 kr4855 kr
Per night Sun-Thur, Extra night 1080 kr1250 kr1610 kr
Per night Fri -Sun 2260 kr2730 kr
Week 5970 kr6865 kr
New Years eve 3245 kr
North cabin
Weekend 2695 kr3245 kr4210 kr
Per night Sun-Thur, Extra night895 kr1040 kr1340 kr
Per night Fri -Sun 1870 kr2260 kr
Week 4945 kr5695 kr
New Years eve 2695 kr
Urbergslängan Apartment
Weekend1850 kr2120 kr2390 kr
Per night Sun-Thur, Extra night620 kr710 kr750 kr
Per night Fri -Sun1230 kr1380 kr
Week3815 kr4170 kr
New Years eve1560 kr
Urbergslängan Room 1-2
Weekend990 kr1125 kr1275 kr
Per night Sun-Thur, Extra night330 kr380 kr400 kr
Per night Fri -Sun 640 kr730 kr
Week 2020 kr2330 kr
New Years eve 830 kr
Urbergslängan Room 3-10
Weekend1380 kr1590 kr1770 kr
Per night Sun-Thur, Extra night 470 kr530 kr585 kr
Per night Fri -Sun 925 kr1030 kr
Week 2865 kr3280 kr
New Years eve 1170 kr
Camping per night
 Med el 395 395 395
Camping Season
 Ink. 2000 kvh10000 kr

New Years eve

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