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Storklintens Ski School

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Ski School

Here it is easy and fun to learn how to Ski!

You dont have to have any previous skills and the same applies for the parents. All the necessary equipment can be found at Storklintens Ski Shop- if you dont have your own equipment.

To have fun and get positive impressions through good values is one of the most important things with the Ski School.

The Ski School offers instructions in group for children in the age of 4-13 years old. We can, if there is time and available instructors, offer private lessons for both adults and children (form the age of 3 years and older) both on Skis and Snowboard.

Times for childrens ski school

10:00-12:00 for children- beginners, 5-12 years (The fox puppies)

12:10-12:50 for children- 4-5 years (The mini foxes)

13:00-15:00 for children- continuing class 6 – 12 years (The foxes)

The groups starts every saturday, the same times applies to every saturday and sunday class. During the breaks there is new groups that starts on mondays and they have there classes during monday and tuesday.

The groups gathers at the Ski schools gathering location outside of the reception building on the down side of the childrens Skiing area.

For children in the age of 6-12 years old there is, during the two hour class, time available for some snacks together with the group. That is included in the Ski School and the instructor takes good care of the group during the entire class.

NOTICE! The youngest children (the mini foxes) only have a 40 minutes class and therefore do not have a break for snacks.

The childrens Ski School is divided into groups depending on the childrens ages and experiences with skis. When register your child, please tell us which group you think is suitable for your child.

The mini foxes
In Storklintens childrens area we offer, during the classes, fun activities on and off Skis for new students in the ages of 4-5 years. The groups are small, with 3-6 children in each, and w learn how to ride the beginners lift along with other things.

2 days from 12:10-12:50, price: 430 SEK

The fox puppies

Here,all the children in the ages of 6-12 years old (with none or little experience with skiing), gathers. We practice how to turn, stop and ride the lift on your own.

2 days from 10:00-12:00 Price: 695 SEK

The foxes

This class is for children in the ages of 6-12 years that have a little bit more experience with Skiing. They should know how to plow, turn and stop on there own in the green slopes.

2 days from 13:00-15:00 Price: 695 SEK

The flying foxes
This group is for children in the ages from 7-13 years old and who can handle the red slopes med parallell skis and who wants to develope and have fun. We practice on small and big turns, balance, ski techniques, speed control, jumping and other things.

2 days kl 13:00-15:00 Price: 695 SEK

Private class

You can book a Ski Class that is made completely from your specific needs and conditions. Private classes are available for both adults and children for both Skis and Snowboard and can be booked if there are available instructors. Call us for information and booking!

One class is 50 minutes, price: 550:- SEK + 225:- SEK /extra student.

Register and booking

The children Ski School is arranged at saturdays and sundays (when we have an available ski-instructor, please contact us for more information).

In the register we want you to:

  • Write which date the participant wants to attend the ski school
  • Name and age at the participant
  • Name and phone number to the responsible adult
  • Which group YOU think that the participant should join

Any questions can be answered at  skidskola(at) or at +46(0)70 – 630 81 86.

Payment is to be done in advance at the receptions register.

All children have to have a valid Skipass. Children under 8 years old rides for free and the older children can buy their Skipass according to the pricelist.


  • If there is not enough children signed up for the class, there class will be cancelled
  • There has to be an adult relative at the Ski facility at all time during the class and that adult has to be reachable

We reserve us the rights to move a child from one group to another.

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