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About cookies

What is a cookie?
A cookie is a small text file with information. When you connect to a site that uses cookies; your unit will download the cookie. During a later visit at the same site with the same unit; the site will pick up the information from your unit. This is made to ease your visit at the site. When we talk about cookies, there are two types; permanent and temporary.

  • Permanent cookies is saved as a file at your unit during a certain period
  • Temporary cookies is saved temporary at your unit and will disappear when you close your browser

Why do we inform about cookies?
The law about electronic communications was changed the 1th of July 2011. The cookie law is a part of the EU-directive The Revised E-privacy Directive. The law aims to prevent internet users being tracked without their approval; by forbidding data being saved or picked up from users units.

The law says: “It is only allowed to save or pick up data from users units if the user is informed of what data is being saved or picked up and for what cause. This doesn’t block the kind of saving and access needed to transfer electronic messages through an electronic communications net or being necessary for holding a service which the user explicitly requested.”

Why do we use cookies?
At we’re using cookies for constant being able to improve your experience at our website.

We are using cookies during these circumstances:

  • Login (To know if you’re logged in or not)
  • Image size (To change the images resolution to fit your unit’s screen size)
  • Web statistics (To be able to constantly improve our website)
  • Accept of our cookie terms (To skip being asked about accepting our cookie terms more than once from the same unit)

We do not save any personal information through cookies. The data we’re saving, statistics for an example, through cookies is only used by Storklinten, not by any other part.

How do you turn off the cookies?
To be able to use to the fullest you have to accept our cookies. But if you don’t want to do that you can turn the cookies off through your brower’s security settings. This will though unable you to use all the functions at our site.

For further information about cookies and the new law about electronic communications, visit Post- och telestyrelsens website.