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Ski Pass

SkiPass is the ticket you use to get access to our lifts. Everyone who uses the lifts have to have a valid SkiPass, that includes “Knattarna” (the kids who rides the lift for free).

All usage of the “lift band” in the childrens area is free.

You can buy the SkiPass in the reception or in our Ski Shop, both of which are located near the main parking lot. It is also possible to buy your SkiPass in the restaurant.

All types of SkiPass require a working Keycard (which you can also buy along with the SkiPass).

Price list 2022/2023

SkiPasses   Adult (+16 years)  Youths (8-15 years)
One day 310 sek 220 sek
3 hours 280 sek 200 sek
2 days 540 sek 400 sek
3 days 760 sek 510 sek
4 days 960 sek 650 sek
5 days 1120 sek 740 sek
6 days 1220 sek 820 sek
One week 1280 sek 890 sek
Weekend (fri afternoon -sun) 640 sek 450 sek
Evening 240 sek 190 sek
Season 2500 sek 1650 sek
Family Season (2 adults+2 youths) 6200 sek
Knattar with helmet up to seven years 0 sek
Keycard  60 sek 60 sek